Ethical Production

Mori Collective Picture by Matti Ollila

Mori Collective designs according to slow fashion values: ethically made clothing, material-based design, and responsible close-by production. Nature, geometry, symbolism as well as high quality materials inspire our ethical fashion collections. 

Mori produces small series in Estonia. We have collaborated with same sewing production from the beginning. Diamonds From Dirt clothes are made from recycled materials by local seamstresses in Helsinki, Finland. Our jewellery is made from Finnish birch, and they are laser cut and assembled in Helsinki. Rather than having seasonal collections, we aim to continuity and production according to demand and available materials.

Our goal is to use high quality materials and make designs that last with values that are based on taking care of the environment, and the people involved. We want our supply chain to be as transparent as possible, which is a challenge for a small company, but we are working hard for it and improving all our processes continuously.


List of suppliers

Cutting and sewing
Ally Oü, Estonia
Janita Rauhala, Finland

Fabrics and accessories
Printscorpio Oy, Finland
Pure Waste Textiles Oy, Finland
Belik Oy, Finland
SNT-Group Oy, Finland
Jospel Oü, Estonia
Texlin Oü, Estonia
Carvico Spa, Italy
Lebenskleidung, Germany 
c. pauli GmbH, Germany
Enka GmbH, Germany
Rebil GmbH, Germany
Wasa Sweden Ab, Sweden

Printscorpio Oy, Finland
Print Helsinki, Finland
Jettaset Oy, Finland

Laser Cut Studio Oy, Finland
Faktoria tmi, Finland
Sora Design, Finland


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