By tyttial | 26.6.2018

Mori Collective’s designer Tytti has had an idea of using mineral and rock photographs for a textile pattern for a long time. Tytti’s father was a geologist, and there was a shelf at home full of beautiful rocks and crystals collected from different countries. Later on, mineral microscopy slides revealed how amazing and colorful rocks could be from the inside, even when the surface looked rough and gray.

Mori’s Crystal Seeker print is designed in collaboration with illustrator and graphic designer Eija Vehviläinen. Tytti collected father’s old photographs from her home, and Eija started to design crystal shapes out of them and combine these with her own patterns.

“The print is fresh and geometric in a rough way. The old photographs and slides of stones and minerals were the main inspiration for the textures. The shapes have been sought from the nature, but the result is rather abstract.” Eija describes, and continues:

“As a designer, I’m interested in the unexpected and perhaps a little unusual colours and colour combinations. The Crystal Seeker is light, and bright in colour, but it is also ideal for combining darker and crumpled shades.”

In these pictures, you can see the different phases of creating the pattern.

A Thin section picture of minerals

A Thin section picture of minerals in Tytti’s father publication from the 80’s


Work in process

The final pattern and fabric

Mori Collective Crystal Seeker

Crystal Seeker Top & Skirt

Mori Collective Crystal Seeker

Crystal Seeker Dress

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Crystal Seeker LOOKBOOK