Mori Collective was founded in 2015 in Helsinki, Finland, and consists of two labels Mori and Diamonds From Dirt, DFD. The aim is to create stylish and ethically produced slow fashion and street wear. The word Mori has two essential translations. In Japanese, it means forest, and in Latin, it refers to mortality. These meanings summarize the core values of the company. It emphasizes the importance of protecting nature, and at the same time it reminds of our limited time to realize dreams.

Mori produces small series in Estonia, in addition to pieces made in Finland. The aim is to consider the whole product life-cycle when selecting materials. Diamonds From Dirt makes all clothes and accessories from recycled materials in Finland. Our jewelry is made from Finnish birch, and they are laser cut and assembled in Helsinki.  Our collections are inspired by nature, geometry, symbolism as well as high quality, organic and recycled fabrics.

Mori Collective Tiger's Eye

Mori Collective Tiger's Eye

Mori is a label of ethically produced urban and relaxed clothing. It can be recognized by minimalistic designs with special twists, soft and luxurious organic jerseys and velour fabrics as well as unique prints inspired by nature. Timeless pieces with a design process that considers the whole product life-cycle.

DFD – Diamonds From Dirt is a street fashion brand with a green heart.
DFD offers an ecological and sustainable alternative – without compromising on style.
The products are mostly made of recycled material. New items are made out of used clothing and in this way it will save resources and energy. The products are designed and made in Finland

Mori Collective Crystal Seeker

Mori Collective WWF